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Food Recycling and the Environment at Langstone Technology Park

The Environment

Did you know that over 7.2 million tonnes of food is discarded each year to landfill?

This costs on average £12bn.

Much of this food could have been eaten.

We need to take action now to recycle more packaging.

We need to understand better how to dispose of our food waste in a more eco-friendly way and not via general waste collection.

Increase awareness of ‘use-by’ dates and packaging.

Food Waste Recycling

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a recycling method that reduces greenhouse gas emissions at landfill.

AD produces methane which can be used to generate electricity that is pumped directly into the national grid.

ECO Food Recycling uses AD to 100% recycle commercial food waste.

Much of this recycled waste is turned into compost and redistributed via agricultural schemes.

LTP is offering a new food recycling scheme to tenants.

Take action to reduce food waste.

Langstone Technology Park Eco Food Scheme

This additional service is specifically for businesses at LTP and includes:

  • Kitchen caddy bins for food waste e.g. tea bags, fruit & veg peelings, coffee grinds, dairy, left-over lunch or out of date food.
  • Bio-degradable bin liners
  • Daily collections

Waste is collected by Eco Food Waste in their purpose built vehicle and 100% recycled.

Costs and information

Small changes make a big difference.

For more information and a no-obligation quotation please contact:

Marni Wigstead

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