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Flexible Office Space to Rent Case Study


Turbulent Designs specialise in 3D modelling - developing detailed 3D assets and immersive environments based on real world or fictional locations. Offering a vast wealth of experience in digital design, e-learning and engineering, the Turbulent team has delivered a range of successful solutions for its clients across the aviation, military and gaming sectors.

Turbulent Designs was effectively a start-up when the business moved into its first offices at Langstone Technology Park in early 2015, with a small team of four.

The Brief

Although it appeared to offer a lower-cost option for the business, Turbulent had found its previous choice of offices in Hampshire did not offer the best value, with many of the facilities charged as extras and which did not make that all important good first impression with their clients.

The business was therefore seeking alternative office space to rent in the Havant area. Its criteria for a new office location included the need:

  • To offer flexible office space in the Havant area to facilitate their forecasted growth in a rapidly growing sector.
  • For a high speed internet connection (essential for its high-tech design needs) and state of the art telecommunications across the board (to communicate with VIP clients across the world).
  • For high level IT and office security, essential because of its dealings with military clients.
  • For ready-furnished and comfortable space.
  • For provision of sufficient services and infrastructure that allowed them to concentrate on their core business activities without worrying about the day to day.


The high spec IT infrastructure and security at Langstone Technology Park is more than a match for Turbulent’s needs and Langstone’s all-inclusive managed office solution provided the standards of excellence the business was seeking.

Turbulent first moved into 25 square metres of space at Langstone in March 2015 and within months they were looking to expand.  The Fasset management team at the Park were on hand to mastermind a stress-free move for Turbulent into their current larger facility with ? square metres of space within the Park for a now seven strong staff team.


Turbulent is very happy with its current offices and remains confident that it has the flexibility to expand in line with its business plan targets, without having to move from Langstone Technology Park.

It appreciates the attention to detail and responsiveness of the on-site management team and the convenience of having a great set of on-site facilities from the meetings booths to the Starbucks café and shop.


  • “The offices here are beautifully presented and have a real ‘wow’ factor.  The management company’s reputation goes before it and I genuinely cannot fault the service we get as tenants.  Hand on heart, I can say that we have gained at least two potential new customers as a result of being impressed on visiting us,”  Trevor Linn, CEO, Turbulent Designs Ltd.
  • “As a company we pay close attention to the challenges that all our tenants face and by taking an active interest and maintaining close communication we are able to provide the specific support they need at the right time.  Turbulent Designs is a young, dynamic company that encompasses the concept of hard work, innovation and being responsive to all opportunities as and when they present themselves.  By providing the right size space at the right price and at the right time in their development we have helped them to maintain a positive cash flow at the critical times they needed it,” Todd LePage, Location Manager, Langstone Technology Park.

To find out more about Turbulent Designs visit:

Contact the Fasset management team at Langstone Technology Park now to see how they could support your business development.

Start up for the Year goes to Turbulent Designs

Turbulent Designs was highly commended in the ‘Start up for the Year’ category in this years, The News Business Excellence Awards. Well-deserved and congratulations. 

Trevor and Todd LePage – Location Manager

Turbulent Team

Some of Turbulent Design's work