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Five ways to improve employee morale

20 March 2015

Author: Claire

Business owners looking to improve staff morale are most likely to look first at introducing expensive bonus or pay rise schemes, but recent research from America’s University of Iowa identifies some simpler and lower cost ways to retain staff and keep them happy, as follows:

  1. Offer progression opportunities. Employees don’t want to do the same job for the rest of their lives. Give them the chance to learn new skills and take on more responsibility rather than giving them no choice but to find advancement elsewhere.

  2. Provide good work-life balance. Staff who are stressed and overworked often find that their private lives suffer. Make sure staff are rewarded for overtime, either with extra pay or time in lieu. Otherwise, they and their families will begin to resent the company for cutting into their personal time. 

  3. Consider banning pointless emails. A full inbox can be extremely stressful, particularly on returning from holiday or illness. It may be worth instructing staff to only send essential emails if they are unable to contact the person face-to-face or over the phone. This means queries are dealt with more swiftly and that email backlogs are much less likely to occur.

  4. Help employees live healthier lifestyles. Healthy workers are happier workers in general. It’s not your job to force employees to exercise or eat healthily, but encouraging activity  and healthly eating choices  can make a big difference to the health of your staff.  

    Langstone Technology Park, one of the leading Hampshire business parks was one of the first to appreciate the benefits of offering exercise opportunities and healthy eating offerings on site. There are healthy eating opportunities at Langstone’s onsite restaurant, café and shop, and an onsite fitness centre offering bite-size lunchtime classes to suit all fitness abilities. 

  5. Create a beneficial office environment. Employees are happier when they work in an office that is comfortable and meets their needs. Think about issues such as noise, room temperature, seating, equipment provided and anything else that may affect their daily work life.  

Again, these are all factors which Langstone Technology Park’s expert team of engineers, draftsmen and technicians will bear in mind when they help tenants draw up plans for their offices and customise their space.

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