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Langstone Technology Park Encourages Employees to Recycle Their Chewing Gum

27 April 2015

Author: Claire

Langstone Technology Park Encourages Employees to Recycle Their Chewing Gum

A scheme to trial 10 GUMDROP recycling bubbles across the 40-acre Hampshire business park; was recently initiated by Fasset, the facilities management company who operate the site. 

They also have given away 100 ‘on-the-go’ portable personal gum containers for people to fill up and recycle at a central collection point. The contents of these receptacles are then dispatched directly to GUMDROP for recycling. 

Fasset hope that the GUMDROP initiative will make it easier to dispose of used gum, and help to keep the exterior areas of this Havant office space rentals site free from chewing gum waste. 

Gary Medlow, Fasset MD said: “This closed-loop recycling process is ingenious and wholly supports the onsite maintenance programme we provide around Langstone Technology Park. Chewing gum waste not only looks unsightly but is a real effort to remove. I am confident that this solution will have a positive effect and initiate more recycling action from the 3,500 employees based here - which is great for everyone.”  

Thought to be the first initiative in the world to divert chewing gum away from landfill for recycling, the bubblegum-pink GUMDROP receptacles collect used chewing gum, and, when full, are recycled in their entirety with other plastics and converted into more bins. The recycled gum can also be used to create other products, such as mobile phone covers, guitar plectrums and coffee cups. 

GUMDROP creator, Anna Bullus added: "Working together with Fasset, Gumdrop is delighted to be supporting the focus on recycling and sustainability they already promote at the locations under management. We believe that changing a small habit can make a big change to our environment we welcome the employees at Langstone to join us in our effort. 

Fasset manages facilities and business space for dozens of companies employing 8,000 people between them at sites across England including Langstone Technology Park, where the company is headquartered.  It specialises in transforming underperforming sites, on behalf of property investors and corporate occupiers, into thriving business hubs.

Contact the Langstone Park team for availability and further details about their Havant office space rentals.

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