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Why campus-style business parks have the edge over city centre offices

19 April 2016

Author: Claire

Why campus-style business parks have the edge over city centre offices

Picking the perfect office space can be a challenge, but many business owners are opting for business parks over traditional city centre offices for a number of reasons. Taking into account location, affordability and amenities, campus-style technology parks can offer an excellent alternative. 

The main advantages of a business park setting include:

  • An easier commute. Suburban locations tend to be easier to get to with less traffic and fewer delays. This can make a big difference for employees and visitors when they travel to your offices, either by car or by public transport.
  • Parking facilities. Many technology and business parks provide large car parks, which many city centre locations are unable to offer. Some even offer free parking, which is a huge bonus.
  • Peaceful surroundings. Avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city, a campus location is often quieter and may even be based in an attractive setting that provides exercise and relaxation opportunities.
  • Networking opportunities. While city-based locations can be quite isolated, most business parks offer the chance for businesses to get to know each other, network and collaborate. 
  • Affordable rents. City centre offices often come with a hefty price tag, whereas suburban locations tend to be far more affordable. Often they are able to provide better facilities at a fraction of the price.
  • Onsite amenities. Central locations may be close to useful amenities, but many campus-style office complexes offer everything within very easy reach and some even offer facilities that are not available in the heart of the city.   
  • Flexibility. Some city centre offices have very strict opening and closing times, limiting opportunities for flexible working conditions. Technology and business parks are often accessible 24-hours a day, so that employees are not forced to stick to the usual nine to five. This can be a really attractive option for prospective staff members and can also help to retain existing employees.

Rental offices on the south coast

The south coast has become a popular destination for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Within easy reach of London and other key cities, it is unsurprising that suburban locations such as Langstone Technology Park are catching business owners’ attention. Langstone provides a broad range of amenities such as a restaurant, gym, nursery, a Starbucks and free parking, and the rental prices are extremely competitive. 

With plenty of opportunities to meet other professionals and to attend local community and fundraising events, Langstone Technology Park has a great deal to offer compared with city centre locations. And with round-the-clock security provided employees have the flexibility they need to get the job done at their own pace. 

If you are looking for flexible office space in Havant, contact Langstone Technology Park today.

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