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Can your office space accommodate Flexitime?

18 September 2014

Author: Claire

Can your office space accommodate Flexitime?

Working habits have evolved in recent years and many modern companies prefer to offer their employees flexible working hours rather than sticking to the traditional nine to five. Whether your staff members have young children and would benefit from working around childcare, or whether you simply want to make the most of your office facilities by having some staff start early and others finish late, it is worth making sure the offices you rent offer the flexibility you need.

Flexible office space in Hampshire

If you want to introduce flexitime at your workplace but the building is only accessible at certain times of day, it may well be worth looking for an alternative location, as:

  • Your staff will only be able to work during set hours
  • A senior member of staff will have to be on site to open up and lock up to ensure that the building is secure when it is empty
  • Productivity may be reduced if business hours are set in stone

Why is Langstone Technology Park such a great option?

However, there are other options. Langstone Technology Park, for example, offers 24/7 access to its offices and, to top it off, security officers are on site at all times, helping to protect members of staff and your business assets day and night.

Langstone Technology Park is great if you want to work flexibly as it offers refreshments at all hours, via in the restaurant, the coffee shop, the convenience store or the vending machines. It also has an onsite nursery, so children can be cared for in a safe environment just a stone’s throw away. And if your staff are active types, the onsite gym and nearby coastal walks can fit comfortably around flexible working hours.

Flexible office space in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas may have proved difficult to track down in the past, but Langstone Technology Park provides the perfect solution. It has never been easier to find flexible office space in Havant, so contact us today to find out how we can get your business running more flexibly.

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