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Why giving staff their space is so important

20 March 2015

Author: Claire

The open-plan office has become very popular in the UK because it aids communication and tends to be more cost-effective. Spontaneous meetings can take place without disruption or the need to book a special meeting room, and informal conversations can prevent unnecessary email exchanges or phone calls. 

However, a recent survey conducted by Ipsos and office furniture maker Steelcase suggested that 85% of office workers around the world are unhappy in an open-plan office. Respondents cited a broad range of complaints including noise, distractions, lack of privacy, being too approachable and the spread of illness. 

“The one-size-fits-all, open-plan approach, doesn’t work,” exclaims Sam Sahni, senior associate at office interior designer Morgan Lovell. “Office environments need to be adapted to the needs of the business and its employees.”

Best of both worlds

Ideally, office spaces should have a mix of open space, private meeting spaces and isolated areas for people to work without the distractions of noisy phone calls or gossip sessions. 

Sahni advocates what Morgan Lovell refers to as an activity-based working model, which includes open plan workstations, but also provides breakout spaces for concentration, contemplation and collaboration. 

“The concentration rooms can be quiet booths used by staff for set periods where they’re not disturbed, while the collaboration areas can be non-bookable spaces for an informal chat or just a change of scenery, encouraging spontaneity and creativity,’ he explains. ‘Finally, the contemplation area allows staff to gather their thoughts, supporting them to do their core job.”

Flexible office space in Hampshire

Langstone Technology Park offers the perfect solution. With a combination of open-plan office space and private meeting rooms, resident businesses really can have the best of both worlds. We understand that each business is different with unique needs, and we will ensure that your office space is laid out just the way you want it. 

If you are thinking about renting office space at a business park in Portsmouth or the surrounding area, Langstone Technology Park is in nearby Havant and will give your business all the support it needs. For more information about the best flexible office space in Hampshire, contact Langstone Technology Park today.


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