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How your office choice can keep staff happy

19 September 2014

Author: Claire

How your office choice can keep staff happy

Choosing an office space may seem fairly arbitrary, but it can make a big difference in terms of staff satisfaction. Every good business owner knows that employees are the firm’s greatest assets, so it’s worth doing all you can to choose offices that will keep your staff in a positive frame of mind.

Here are five tips to help you choose rental offices in Hampshire that will bring out the best in your workforce:

  1. Cut the commute. The further the travel, the more complaining there is likely to be in the office. Find out where most of your employees are based and try to find somewhere that is accessible to the vast majority.
  2. Choose the right setting. Perhaps your current office space looks out onto a dingy car park, or worst of all it’s in the middle of a building site. These issues may seem minor to you, but finding an attractive setting can help to boost morale.
  3. Count the number of amenities. If your office is miles away from the nearest shop or restaurant, your workers are likely to either go hungry or go missing for long periods at a time. Make sure there are plenty of amenities nearby.
  4. Create a productive environment. Think about the layout of the office and ensure that your workers have easy access to the equipment they need. Allow a little extra space so that your company can easily grow.
  5. Check the price. It’s not worth forking out for a really swanky office suite only to find a few months down the line that it’s too expensive to be sustainable. Two office moves in a short space of time will not go down well.

The perfect technology park on the south coast

You may not have considered basing your business at a business park in Havant, but if you are in the Hampshire area, this could be a viable option. Langstone Technology Park is easy to get to by public transport as well as offering free parking for drivers and bike storage space for cyclists. Based on the south coast, your employees will be able to take in breathtaking views without venturing far.

With a whole host of amenities on site – including a gym, nursery and restaurant – your workers will be spoilt for choice in their spare time. They can also make the most of their working hours as we provide the latest technology and telecoms. Available in all shapes and sizes, our offices are affordably priced and also include 24-7 security. Contact Langstone Technology Park today to find out more.

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