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Is it time to relocate?

19 September 2014

Author: Claire

Is it time to relocate?

The thought of change can be off-putting for some business owners, but it is an inevitable part of life, especially if your company is evolving. Whether your firm is expanding, its core operations are changing or the location has simply become inconvenient, it may be time to think about looking for an alternative.

It may be time to relocate if:

  • You and your employees are crammed into a small space, making it difficult to work and network comfortably
  • Your office is too large and unnecessarily expensive to meet your current needs
  • There is a lack of good amenities nearby, so that you and your staff feel cut off
  • Your office is in a technological black hole. Struggling to get mobile reception and only having access to slow broadband speeds could be harming your business
  • It’s difficult to get to. A gruelling commute can put regular members of staff off as well as prospective clients

Finding offices for lease in Hampshire

There are a whole host of reasons for moving to a new office location, but how do you go about finding a better alternative if you decide to make the move? If you’ve been looking for offices for lease in Portsmouth or Havant, you may have struggled to find somewhere that ticks all the right boxes.

But don’t panic. At Langstone Technology Park, we can offer you the perfect office solution for your business. Our fully equipped offices are ready to move into, so you can get started right away. Easy to get to by public transport and with free parking, our offices are accessible from anywhere in Hampshire. We can help you choose the perfect space for your business and make sure you the technology you need is at your fingertips.

With plenty of amenities on site, offices for lease in Havant have never been more appealing. We will make the transition as smooth as possible, allowing you to settle in quickly and get back to growing your business. Contact Langstone Technology Park today to find out more.

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