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How transport and technology are impacting on the future of the office

11 November 2014

Author: Claire

The way offices are run has changed considerably in recent years, with people working more flexibly and collaboratively. However, the greatest impact on the way we work has come through technology, with transport also playing an important part. If you are having trouble retaining staff or turning a profit, it may be worth focusing on these two areas.

Reliant on technology

Almost all companies rely on the internet to run their day to day operations, with more and more using smartphones, tablets and other devices. However, incorporating modern technology can be expensive and many offices simply aren’t equipped to support the latest innovations. 

Using the latest technology helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition, lightens employee workloads and ensures that records are more accurate. As well as using the latest gadgets, it is important that you have the technical support you need in place to ensure that they are used to best effect.

Getting the transport right

Transport is often overlooked by business owners. Most bosses are content provided that members of staff can get to work on time. However, research shows that the stress levels of an average commuter are equal to those of a riot police officer or fighter pilot. 

Long, stressful journeys to work and back can really take their toll. It may be worth considering a move to more accessible rental offices or taking a more flexible approach to working hours so that staff don’t have to travel at peak times. Reducing the strain on your workers is likely to result in better staff retention, lower levels of sickness absence and greater productivity during work hours.

Rental offices on the south coast

If you are looking for rental offices in Portsmouth or along the south coast, it is worth finding an office space that is easily accessible for workers and visitors and ensuring that your rental offices incorporate the very latest technology and systems.

Langstone Technology Park is easy to reach by train, bus and by car, with free parking for staff and visitors. Its rental offices provide cutting-edge equipment and technology, with technical and telecoms support available to businesses of all sizes.

Contact the Langstone Technology Park team today for more information.

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