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Where to look for office space to rent

Where to look for office space to rent
Created on 12/12/2013 12:47:00

Decent office space to rent can be hard to find, particularly if you have a certain geographical location in mind. The stakes are raised even further if your business has unique needs or you require facilities such as parking or childcare services.

Then there is cost to factor in. You might find the perfect office space to rent but find that it is completely out of your price range.

Here are three methods to consider when it comes to finding a commercial property: 

  • The internet. There are plenty of commercial property agency websites advertising office spaces to rent. Many will allow you to stipulate your preferences, for example geographical location and price range, before carrying out a search. 
  • Word of mouth. Consider asking other business owners in your chosen area whether there are any available properties in their buildings or nearby. Perhaps the owner of their building has other office space to rent. Personal recommendations go a long way in business, and finding a property is no different.
  • Social media. Campaigns that began on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have gone viral and even prompted changes in government legislation. There’s no need to do anything quite so drastic when it comes to looking for office spaces to rent, but letting people know what you are looking for could prove fruitful and may help to raise the profile of your brand in the meantime.

Of course, while these are useful options, we would recommend Langstone Technology Park as a great starting point if you are looking for office space to rent in Hampshire or on the South Coast.  Located in Havant, Langstone’s offices are easy to get to, spacious, well-equipped and affordable. Its offices come in all shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of conferencing options if you hold regular meetings. 

Unlike most office buildings, Langstone Technology Park provides free parking as well as an onsite nursery, gym, restaurant and bike servicing centre. It offers outdoor space for staff and visitors to relax in and all costs are included in one quarterly fee, from ground rent to furniture, utilities and even business insurance. Take the hard work out of the search for office space to rent by contacting Langstone Technology Park today.

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