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Serviced or Managed Offices - Which is Best?

Serviced or Managed Offices - Which is Best?
Created on 13/01/2011 13:58:00

A guide to deciding which property solution is best for your business.

For the thousands of businesses that are too big for the home or garage, but not yet ready for the commitment and expense of running their own building, an impressive range of short to medium solutions has sprung up accross the UK.

The two types of offering tend to be Serviced or Managed Workspace. They're geared towards different types and phases of the business, but there is a significant overlap between the two.

Why choose Serviced Offices?

The principle behind choosing a serviced office is that you want as little as possible to do with running your premises, in order to devote as much energy as possible to running your business. Of course, you also want a professional and highly efficient office environment, one that you'll be happy to present to clients.

Serviced offices, geared towards small and growing businesses, are ideal for a short to mid term solution.  And if you choose wisely, they offer the ultimate in flexibility: for example, Langstone Technology Park's serviced offices in Hampshire offer a 28 day rolling license.

Getting started in a well-managed serviced office could not be simpler: you arrive, arrange the furniture how you want it, plug in your computer and you're good to go.

However, one note of caution when choosing serviced offices: the pricing model varies widely from provider to provider. It's important to consider how the following items are billed:

  • Internet connection and data use
  • Telephone line, handsets, call answering
  • Business Rates
  • Electricity
  • Office furniture
  • Waste collection
  • Services on site: security, cleaning, etc.

Some office providers include them in a transparent monthly charge, leaving you only to pay for telephone call charges. Others price their square footage more aggressively but bill seperately for key items, leaving you with an unknown variable in your costs.

Why choose Fully Managed Offices?

Or indeed managed workspace in  any guise - office, workshop, production area or a combination of all three?

This is a solution aimed at more established businesses and, typically, larger premises (over 1,000 square feet). The chief advantage over serviced offices is that you can tailor your space to the exact look and layout you require, even having your surroundings branded to your specification.

As a result, you still benefit from the simplicity of having facilities managed for you, but with a model much closer to having your own building. Managed offices have longer leases, which gives you security over a 3, 5 or 10-year span.  There is also a greater seperation of services. For example, Langstone Technology Park's pricing model works as follows:

  • A rental amount per square foot
  • A facilities charge per square foot includes cleaning, maintenance, security and other services
  • You then take charge of other overheads: business rates, data and communications, electricity and furniture

One benefit that your staff will thank you for: a well-suited managed office space lets management and employees benefit from facilities within the grounds that you may not provide with premises of your own.  For example, Langstone Technology Park's managed offices in Havant, Hampshire include an on-site restaurant, health centre, gym, shop, nursery, conferencing and a Starbucks.  To find out more about this office location, talk to Emma Ward on 023 9249 7603.


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