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Does your office rental space offer the best value?

Does your office rental space offer the best value?
Created on 28/06/2013 09:39:00

An assessment of the costs and benefits of your current office space rental should always form a key part of any financial reviews of your business strategy.  So, the management at Langstone Technology Park, which offers rental office space in the Portsmouth area, has put together a handy checklist to ensure you are making the most of the space you have, and to help you weigh up whether a move to greener pastures might make financial sense:

Office space rental checklist

1)    Cost. Many business owners make the mistake of only taking square-feet into account when comparing office spaces for rent.  Some offices provide space alone, while others will offer furniture and resources as extras. Make sure you compare the total cost rather than the flat rate.

2)    Technology. Your business might not be internet-based, but in this day and age, it is likely to rely on technology to some degree. Do your rental offices provide you with the technology you need to run your business and allow your employees to work efficiently? Does it enable you to connect with clients easily and in a professional manner?

office-space-rental-portsmouth-gym-restaurant-facilities3)    Facilities.  The standard and level of facilities offered in office space rental vary tremendously – from basic to the more extensive add-ons which will impress clients and keep staff happy. Are you putting up with a kettle and leaky toilet when you could be benefitting from an onsite gym, nursery, restaurant or other useful facilities? Does your current site offer free, secure parking? Are there green spaces nearby for your staff to walk in during their breaks?

4)    Location. Some business owners find the perfect offices, but forget that easy access is imperative: both for staff who must get there on a daily basis and for any clients who visit the office. If your location is too obscure or it’s in the heart of a city so people have to navigate heavy traffic to get there, this will impact on your efficiency.

office-space-rental-hampshireIf you are looking for office space rental near Portsmouth, Hampshire, it may be worth considering Langstone Technology Park as your first port of call. Within walking distance of Havant train and bus stations, the location makes it easily accessible whichever mode of transport your staff and visitors use.

The Park offers purpose-built office, manufacturing and laboratory space for businesses of all sizes. Facilities at Langstone include a restaurant and Starbucks coffee shop, free parking, conference spaces, free parking, an ATM, childcare facilities and a gym. And best of all, its office space rental prices are very reasonable.

To find out more about office space rental at Langstone Technology Park, call 0239-249 7603.

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