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How can employers prevent work stress?

How can employers prevent work stress?
Created on 20/03/2013 14:20:00

Workplace stress affects thousands of people across the UK each year. Office politics, structural changes and high volumes of work can all contribute to high stress levels. Suffering from stress can affect people’s physical and mental health; at worst affecting their ability to do the job and at best reducing their productivity.

So how can we reduce the pressure on our employees?

  1. A comfortable environment.  Make sure that the office environment is as comfortable and well-equipped as possible. Many people spend around 40 hours a week in the office, so ensuring that the work environment is a convenient place to work with up-to-date technology and ergonomic office furniture can take some of the stress out of the daily grind.
  2. Communicate .  Making sure your staff communications are good will help keep people focused on the right objectives and prevent misunderstandings.  Two-way communication should be encouraged so that you always get feedback.  That way you should become aware of any issues before they become real problems. 
  3. Good Facilities.  Provide access to facilities such as an onsite gym, restaurant and outdoor space allows staff to relax during breaks rather than simply eating lunch at their desks.
  4. Childcare.  Could you offer childcare facilities?  Could you be more flexible about holidays and working arrangements for those with children.  It can make a big difference to the work-life balance of parents.
  5. Occupational Health Services.  Offering occupational health services will protect the safety, health and welfare of the people you employ. Not only does it help to protect workers; it can also reduce employee injury and illness-related costs including medical care, sick leave and disability benefit costs. 

Some forward-thinking complexes offering office rentals  make a real effort to deliver first class occupational health services on-site so all their tenant businesses benefit.  Langstone Technology Park, in Havant, for example, offers a dedicated occupational health service, with a fully qualified specialist and a registered nurse on site. In addition to a daily drop-in service, their clinic offers bespoke services such as first aid treatment and blood pressure monitoring.

The office complex also offers a range of on-site facilities including a gym, restaurant and an onsite childcare centre. The offices are extremely modern and well-equipped, promoting safe and comfortable work practices throughout. 

Affordable office space in Havant and the surrounding area can be tough to find, particularly if you are looking for something that will keep employee stress levels to a minimum. If you are looking for flexible office space on the South Coast, Langstone Technology Park should be your first port of call.  For further details call 0239 249 7603 or email us now.


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