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How green is your office?

How green is your office?
Created on 20/03/2013 14:41:00

Often when businesses search for new premises, they take price and location into consideration, but companies have become increasingly interested in how eco-friendly their office environment is.

There is no easy fix when it comes to improving the ‘greenness’ of your work place, but choosing offices for lease which already have ISO 14001 certification will give you a massive head start.

So what does ISO 14001 actually mean?  ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that helps people to implement effective environmental management structures. It allows your business to flourish without ignoring its environmental responsibilities. We all want our companies to grow, but those with an ethical outlook want them to do so without harming the world we live in, or the people that live in it.

What are the benefits for organisations? The benefits for organisations granted ISO 14001 certification include:

• Setting an example to others in their field, demonstrating they are industry leaders
• Cost savings 
• Reassurance that the impact of their business conforms to Environment Agency regulations

ISO14001 certification sends the right message to customers. Only around 250,000 organisations across 155 countries have achieved ISO 14001 to-date and these include the property management company Fasset, which owns the Langstone Technology Park in Hampshire.  Fasset recently had its systems audited and managed to retain its certification, which it has held since April 2007.

So if you are looking for flexible office space on the South Coast with guaranteed environmental standards, Langstone Technology Park is a great place to start. Fasset has taken time to ensure that recycling, waste management and other environmental concerns are taken really seriously. Although there are plenty of offices for lease on the South Coast, very few can say that their systems, structures and procedures have met the much-coveted ISO 14001 standard.

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