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Why serviced offices can be the way forward

Why serviced offices can be the way forward
Created on 15/05/2013 12:35:00

A serviced office usually refers to a flexible office space or workspace, typically with short rental options, low deposits and a number of business services available to occupiers.  So, if you are thinking through your options for rental offices in Hampshire, there may be a number of reasons this might suit your business:


Serviced offices save on the time and takes to set up a conventional lease.  Another benefit of an already fully-equipped serviced office is that it doesn’t require furnishing and certainly the services offices at Langstone Technology Park in Havant, come complete with a workstation, voice and data services, and air conditioning.  The space that you lease is yours in which to create a working area to suit your business. 

Economies of sharing

Often, serviced office providers  allow their tenants to share reception services and access to business resources and equipment at a reduced cost.   That means you can everything you need to hand, allowing day-to-day operations to run smoothly, leaving you free to focus on delivering.

Wider business facilities on tap

Often a business location (which offers serviced offices) will offer a restaurant or café from which you can get refreshments and sustenance as required. You may also have access to private rooms for client or staff meetings.


Leisure and other facilities

Some of the more established serviced office locations may offer leisure facilities giving you opportunities to relax or get fit on-site during break times. In addition, some business parks or office complexes, like Langstone Technology park, will also offer onsite childcare facilities.

Langstone Technology Park in Havant, run by experienced facility management company, Fasset Ltd, offers flexible office space rental in Hampshire on a serviced office basis, in the shape of its ‘Business Suites’.  They offer all the serviced office advantages outlined above including a restaurant, gym and nursery and much more.  Contact us now for further information.


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