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How small businesses can gain credibility

How small businesses can gain credibility
Created on 15/05/2013 14:06:00

If you run a business as a freelance or with a small team, you may not necessarily want your company to be perceived to be as small as you are by your potential and current customers.  In which case, running a virtual office may be the answer. We examine how..

Building your profile made easy

Forward-thinking business parks have appreciated the demand for virtual offices and Langstone Technology Park in Havant, Hampshire is a good example of this. In addition to offering affordable office space in Portsmouth to rent, it offers three levels of virtual office services (Gold, Silver and Bronze). This means businesses can access anything through from mailing address only to use of telephony services and meeting room access. Fees start from as little as £50 + vat per month.

Using virtual office services like these will allow you to give the impression of being a larger or more established business. But, of course, this is not the only advantage.  There are also other benefits of a virtual office.

Other reasons to consider a virtual office

  • Cost savings- virtual offices present an affordable office space option both in terms of commitments to Office Space Rental or purchase, office furniture and equipment; and because you are only paying for office services as you need them.
  • Flexibility - Expanding to take on more people can leave your business vulnerable if sales don’t match the forecasted growth . A virtual office service avoids commitments to full time overheads, allowing you to expand and downsize with ease.
  • Additional facilities - some virtual office offerings will also give you access to additional facilities such as meeting rooms, restaurants and wifi.
  • Productivity Levels – having a virtual office allows you to work from home and eliminate commuting time so that more of your day can be devoted to work tasks. Virtual offices can leave you to work away at home without any interruptions or distractions from others working around you. For exmaple, in the States, they have found that allowing staff to work from home, while taking a virtual office, increases morale and commitment; lowers sick leave rates; and helps to keep and recruit employees.
  • Independence - virtual offices offer you flexibility, and the comfort of being able to work independently without conforming to work rules, such as a dress code and traditional work hours.

Contact Langstone Technology Park now to find out more about their Havant virtual office services and office space  rental  in Hampshire.


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