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Painless ways to grow your business office space

Painless ways to grow your business office space
Created on 12/12/2013 12:41:00

It is always great news when a business shows signs of growth, but the idea of moving premises to accommodate an expanding workforce may sound like a logistical nightmare. So, flexible office space is a good solution and if you are looking in Hampshire,  flexible office space can be found at Langstone Technology Park.

As with most business endeavours, planning ahead is the key to making the transition as seamless as possible. Here are our three top tips to growing your business office space painlessly:
  1. Find out what is available nearby. Perhaps you have taken on new staff and the office is starting to look and feel cramped. If so, now is the time to find out whether there are any available offices in your building or in the vicinity. This will make the expansion straightforward and allow staff in the new location to meet with employees in your existing location easily.

  2. Look for a space that will grow with you. If your business is growing at a rate of knots, there is no point moving to a new office space that is only slightly larger than your current location. The last thing you want is to get everyone settled only to have to move again in six months’ time.

  3. Make sure your new office space is well equipped. Make a list of all the technology and services your business requires and find out whether these are available at your prospective business premises. If not, the transition is likely to be more expensive and time-consuming than if you move into an office that is prepped and ready to go. 

If you are looking for flexible office space in Hampshire, Langstone Technology Park is an excellent option. With offices of all shapes and sizes to choose from, you will undoubtedly find something to meet your needs. Best of all, your office space can grow with you as Langstone can offer larger premises down the line or even more than one office under the same roof. 

The offices at the Havant business park, are equipped with the very latest technology, communications systems and security protection. Langstone Technology Park also offers excellent transport links and free parking as well as great amenities such as an onsite gym, restaurant and nursery. Flexible office space in Portsmouth can be hard to find, but Langstone takes all the hard work out of moving locations so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

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