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The differences between a technology park and a business park

The differences between a technology park and a business park
Created on 10/04/2014 11:45:00

People often ask us what the difference is between technology parks and business parks. While there is a certain amount of overlap, the two are theoretically different in terms of focus and approach:

Areas in which technology and business parks differ

The main difference between the two is that the key focus for technology parks is innovation, while business parks tend to concentrate on commerce. Layout is also likely to differ. While business parks primarily contain office space and conference facilities, technology parks may, in addition, include workshops and/or laboratory and research space.

Areas in which technology and business parks are similar

While the focus may be different for these two types of park, staff working at either will generally be looking for very similar amenities.    That's why most business and technology parks provide communal facilities such as green space, eateries, onsite parking and entertainment centres - which all help to promote collaboration between the various occupant companies and organisations.

Other similar premises

Industrial parks and trading estates may also be confused with business and technology parks. These two types of premises tend to be more focused on industrial development.

Locating a suitable technology park

The South Coast is a popular area for technology parks because of its proximity to several large cities and the coast. If you’re looking for a South Coast business park or technology park, Langstone ticks all the boxes. With a range of offices, workshops and laboratory spaces on site, Langstone Technology Park also provides:

  • A 52-place preschool nursery
  • An occupational health centre with first aid facilities
  • A full gymnasium
  • A restaurant, café and shop
  • Free parking
  • A cycle shed and bike servicing facilities
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Ten meeting rooms and a large auditorium
  • Excellent transport links for drivers and public transport users

Whatever type of  Hampshire business park you might be considering, Langstone technology park offers everything most businesses need. 

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