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Considerations When Considering An Office Move…

Considerations When Considering An Office Move…
Created on 29/07/2011 14:23:00

Affordable office space is absolutely essential for many businesses so the decision to move or relocate can have wide ranging implications across a business.

There are many reasons why companies look to move offices, expansion, retraction, geographical relocation or merger. Depending on the size, scope and requirements of your business the logistics of relocating can be a full time job. Langstone Technology Park in Havant, Hampshire is a multi-tenanted 42-acre site equipped with facilities and services that are designed to make your move as pain free as possible and your office environment as functional and enjoyable as it can be. This is true for the serviced offices and larger managed office space options at the site.

Whatever the reasons for considering a move, it is always wise to fully define these in order to ensure that the move and where you move will work for your business.

Whether you are expanding, would like more amenities, need more storage or office space; there are many reasons why a business embarks on an office move. But before you take the plunge, why not talk to your current office provider about alternative space solutions they may have available as this could save you undertaking a costly exercise. Have you thought about more storage furniture or rearranging your current layout? This might provide you with a temporary solution; it all depends on what is driving the decision to move.

Budget is always a huge factor to consider and one that needs careful consideration as moving is expensive, so you need to ensure you have enough space, don’t end up paying for space you don’t need and finally be clear about what is included in your monthly outlay, so you are not hit with any nasty surprises along the way. At Langstone Technology Park tenants pay an inclusive Facilities Charge, which incorporates many of the ‘hidden costs’ outlined here and more; and presents you with a fixed monthly cost – no hidden extras!

It is probably wise from the outset to establish what your budget is and stick to it. There is no point viewing offices that are out of your price range and equally, be realistic about the amount of space you require – as most are charge per ft2. Here are some ideas of things you could establish in advance, so you don’t meet any nasty surprises along the way:

Rent & rates

Some offices include business rates as part of the service charge and some don’t and this distinction is very important. You need to establish what works best for you and don’t forget that small businesses may be eligible for ‘small business rate relief’ (SBRR).

Service charges

You should be clear about what is included as standard and what is charged for additionally. For example, some office providers do not provide internet connection as a standard inclusion and for businesses especially those who are heavy users could be liable for a hefty additional charge. At Langstone Technology Park, a provider of serviced and managed office space in Havant internet and communications come as standard and with a capacity for 8,000 telecoms extensions a up to 11kv of power it can accommodate businesses of all types, scale and scope.


Should you require a level of cleaning and general maintenance find out exactly what you get as standard and what you would be expected to pay for.

Extra service charges

On items such as postage or phone calls and in just a short space of time, these can really add up.


You may be tied into a ‘virtual office’ for a period, say 3 months, at the end of a contract for things like mail redirection so check this out in advance.


If you are increasing your office size you may incur unnecessary administration charges when really the property should be delighted that you are staying and not moving elsewhere.

Of course, just as important is where you locate, for example if you are looking at city centre, you may be looking at parking costs or subsidies that you will need to factor into your monthly outlay; but if you are thinking rural, you may need to consider public transport for staff and the logistics of them actually being able to get into work. Langstone Technology Park offers the 3,500 employees based at the Havant business park a short walk to mainline bus and train stations and/or free parking – with the addition of car sharing spaces and bike sheds.

The message is clear, before you make a move, do your homework and make sure that whatever you decide be it upgrading the space you have, relocating or simply renting some office space in your local area; that you are fully aware of any cost implications along the way.


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