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Why choose managed office space?

Why choose managed office space?
Created on 24/10/2013 11:38:00

Businesses need office space to function, but the last thing business owners want is to spend more time worrying about the way the office is run, than on managing the business itself. Opting for managed office space can help to reduce the time, stress and financial burden on businesses as well as offering a wide range of benefits.

If you are looking for managed office space in Hampshire, here are just three of the advantages you can expect to enjoy:

  • One simple payment. Instead of budgeting for housekeeping, rent, gas and electricity, and any other costs involved in running an office, managed office space covers everything and will usually charge a set amount each month or quarter
  • Various space options. Most companies that offer managed office space provide a range of options, so however large or small your business is you should be able to find the perfect fit. And if your business grows, your office should be able to grow with you
  • Onsite facilities. Managed office space often offers far more than just office space. Additional amenities may also include free parking, places to eat and childcare facilities. The more facilities on offer, the more attractive your business will be to employees and to potential clients

Managed office space at Langstone Technology Park nr Portsmouth, Hampshire

If you are looking for managed office space in Portsmouth or the wider Hampshire area, Langstone Technology Park is an excellent option. With outstanding transport links and free parking, it is easy to get to and from. It offers all the above benefits plus others, including a gym, an occupational health centre, bike servicing facilities and conference rooms. The quarterly payment even includes building and site insurance and common area costs, so all bases are covered.

Contact us today to find out more about Langstone Technology Park, and its managed office space offering.


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