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The advantages of business parks

Out-of-town business parks offer the main benefits of any town or city without the hustle, bustle and pollution. Rather than employees and visitors having to battle the crowds as they head to and from your business premises, business parks tend to offer excellent transport links and parking facilities without the usual hassle. Some of the other advantages of business parks are that they:

  • Allow greater flexibility, as many are open around the clock
  • Provide 24-hour security to keep your staff and property safe
  • Are spacious, offering small and large office spaces as well as meeting rooms and conference facilities
  • Offer the latest technology and equipment
  • Provide a range of amenities such as restaurants, gyms, shops, nurseries and outdoor relaxation areas
  • Enable business owners and staff members to interact and collaborate
  • Can be an affordable office space location

Finding the right Hampshire business park

Basing your company at a business park gives it instant credibility and will impress visitors who stop by. A business park can also be a great advantage for  your employees happy, keeping them motivated and ensuring that they have everything they need to get their jobs done.

Langstone Technology Park is a prime example of this, offering space solutions for offices, laboratory, research and workshop facilities.

The facilities at Langstone Technology Park include:  ten meeting rooms and a large auditorium; 24-hour security; free parking; a cycle shed and bike servicing facilities; a restaurant, café and shop; a gym; a nursery; and an occupational health centre with first aid facilities.

If you are looking for a Portsmouth business park, Langstone is in the vicinity and ticks all the boxes. Give us a call today to find out more.